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Why Use myOtels?

Business travel is unavoidable when you’re an entrepreneur or a business executive. When you get an immediate call to go out of town for an important business meeting, it’s not feasible to waste hours on finding a business hotel.  You need a hotel that caters to your need, AND you need it instantly! has been tailor-made for business travellers.   How?  myOtels runs on a powerful search engine, and you aren’t going to waste precious time and efforts to find the right place for you! Time is money and you should be focusing on your core business, not trivial things like finding the right hotel because we can work for you in a most efficient manner!

We at myOtels, put in our hard work and time to design a product for every business professional who believes in more productivity and less wastage. myOtels was created using industry giants strength and our cutting-edge technology is powered by Google and Amazon.  Every business traveler gets best business hotels in the visiting location, equipped with quality service and staff, a fair price and all in an effortless manner.  What are the benefits of using myOtels for reserving a room for business, you ask?  Well, we’re the only privileged product, exclusively available in India which provides:

  • Ideally located business hotels: Thanks to our powerful search engine, you can type in the name of the visiting organisation and get a confirmed reservation in branded business hotels. The best part is that you can get hotels that are mere meters away from the meeting location. This lets you save precious time and focus solely on your work
  • Index Pricing: myOtels has designed a competitive and fair price on business hotels after evaluating the real-time demand and supply and other factors to provide the best price for every business traveler. No hidden costs or fake promises!
  • Safety: Safety is everyone’s biggest concern and myOtels vows to give you the best business hotels in safe and ideal neighbourhoods. You don’t have to be worried about yourself when you’ve made a reservation with us.
  • Quality: We provide you hotel rooms at branded business hotel chains. You won’t be staying at a mediocre room when you choose us as your reservation platform
  • User experience: From start to end, your hotel reservation will take just under 3-minutes. can be accessed from any device and you’ll have a seamless user-interface experience every single time. We strive to deliver overall customer satisfaction to every business traveler because each of you matters
  • 1Global Loyalty Program: As a token of gratitude we provide every business traveler who is our privileged customer a great way to pamper themselves. Our loyalty program is the only multi-platform lifestyle loyalty program in the world! That’s right. Every time you make a hotel reservation through myOtels, we give you 1% of the revenue back to you in the form of loyalty points which have a lifetime validity so that you can use it whenever wherever and however you want! Great, isn’t it?

Get the best business hotels with luxurious rooms, in your visiting city in a matter of 4 clicks! With complimentary WiFi and breakfast, we assure you the best hotel, always!

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