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Value Your Time!

Time is important. Get this right. If you earn about Rs. 25 Lakhs a year, what is the cost of a productive hour? It is Rs.1,184! Here is a ready reference table, just for you:

Value  of  Your Time Annual Earnings (in Rupees)
25 Lakhs 50 Lakhs 60 Lakhs
15 minutes 296 592 710
Half Hour 592 1,184 1,420
One Hour 1,184 2,368 2,841

Every minute wasted counts because every minute matters!  Every smart manager, executive, leader or a businessman understands and recognizes that “Time is Money“!

Well, when you’re gearing up for your business travel, we recommend that you shouldn’t be wasting precious time browsing sites, searching and searching for best deals! If you do so, all you will be doing is that you spend about an hour and in return may get a paltry Rs.500/- in savings. But it would have already cost you twice, thrice or several times! Instead of focusing on core and important priorities you will be falsely rewarding and pat yourself for the wrong things.

Suggest that you finish up that little task in 1 to 3 minutes time. Put your time on key areas of work requirements or for the purposeful goals and objectives. Challenge your passion or the comfort zone. You will be using all your skills, talent and core strength for building up your value, reputation and you may land in a big promotion faster and may live a life of your dream.

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