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Safety, Quality & Service For Business Travel

As a business professional, you are hard pressed for time!  You constantly juggle between several tasks, meetings and business goals and you need a hotel that is responsive and gives you first class services.   We have curated hotels that are of high standards known for quality, safety, responsiveness  and service.  Over 1800 hotels in 47 cities and the network is growing rapidly.

myOtels.com is built for business travelers.   It is the ONLY platform in the world that has a single purpose i.e., “to delight business travelers”.   Our range of hotels fit everyone’s business budget.  Your choice can be business hotels, premier, first class or the luxury hotels.   Wherever you go you are given full attention, every hotel takes your safety as number one priority and provides you undivided attention and strives to fulfill your requirements with a smile.   Your stay will be made safe, comfortable and successful.

Every room comes with complimentary WiFi and breakfast.  Every reservation gives you back 1Global Loyalty Program points, the first of its kind in the world!   Make full use of myOtels for all your business travel requirements.  Get a guaranteed room at the best business hotel, always!   Stay safe!