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Loyalty Points : myOtel’s 1Global Loyalty Program

Who doesn’t love to get pampered? When business travelers spend a good portion of nights in hotel rooms being away from family and meeting tough expectations set by employers, customers, vendors, business partners etc..  It’s a tough and demanding work-life!  You need to be rewarded suitably! And there is no loyalty program that truly rewards customers properly and genuinely! That’s the main reason why we have introduced ‘1Global Loyalty Program‘.  What is it, you ask?  1Global is an added opportunity to help frequent business travelers realise the benefits of their demanding schedules, hard work and to satisfy their life styles. 1Global is revolutionizing the way loyalty points are viewed and used by its customers.

Here are some salient features of our Loyalty Program.

  • Designed to work globally
  • Every trip enables one to earn points
  • Easier ways to redeem points, no minimum threshold
  • Points earned never expire
  • Redemption matches to most of the lifestyle spends (details get mailed on 1st reservation!)

Vist myOtels , make the 1st reservation, and explore the unexplored!