Index Price for Business Hotels

Business travellers do travel a lot and they would be delighted to get the best hotels at a fair price, right?   To make this tedious task easier,  myOtels has an “Index Price” for the customers.  Wondering what is it? An index price is a competitive price on hotels. It is evaluated on the basis of the real-time demand, supply and other hotel industry factors such like Quality, Safety, Location, Flexibility, Service etc.  Here are three major benefits to Index Pricing:

  • Customer Protection: Every time you browse through website, you find these prices which show an amount that is struck out and you’re apparently given a lower price. “The best deal”, they say. With our index price, the false strike-through rates  that mislead valuable customers like you, are removed. It comes with a thorough research of several factors, variables and is based on real-time supply and demand. Misled deals offered are mostly expensive than the original price, and such norms get disappeared.  By Index Price, there is no overpay for products and services, and all variations are removed.
  • Saves Time: We all know that time is money. As all required information is available in seconds, It’s easier to refer to and interpret. You don’t need to waste precious time in getting into detailed research and analysis. “Index Price” will serve as a benchmark, at all times, for any given town or city.
  • Trust : It is mathematically driven and statistically proven. There are no human biases or hidden deals in it. It assures travelers a sense of value and reliability based on thorough research and hard work. gives you the best business hotels in the visiting city and at an Index Price. We like to call it ‘myPrice’ and it always includes Complimentary Wi-Fi and Breakfast.  myPrice means value for money.  Happy and Safe Travelling!

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