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Traffic : Don’t Let It beat You While Travelling for Business

It’s not an imagination, traffic IS getting worse yearly. Beating traffic has become more tedious or it’s just an unendurable task. Business travelers do schedule meetings and appointments back-to-back, trying to fit multiple meetings on a single trip, which is good. They are  plugged in, constantly inundated with phone calls, emails, and texts that need to be answered “immediately.” So being on time for business is important. But that doesn’t make it a whole lot easier to achieve if it’s not one’s strong suit. Here is a quick checklist for business travelers to rely on.

  • Hotel location: Always make sure to a have a hotel close to the working location. One can save a lot of time on traveling for business and it plays a vital role in time management
  • Stop overbooking Make sure to have a calendar with an extra 15–20 minute “cushion”  between appointments
  • No “extra” tasks to the last minute: Never try to knock out just one more thing before heading off to a meeting
  • Schedule events for off-peak times: Rush hour traffic can make it difficult to organize the schedule reliably. So, do some homework and set up meetings for off-peak times
  • Learn to say ‘NO’: Agreeing to unnecessary tasks ,especially ones that require immediate attention and re-prioritization of other work can prevent one from being on time for the things that really matter
  • Learn to set-up: Breakfast, Luncheon, and Dinner Meetings so that clients or potential clients can come to the meetings at the hotel of the stay which means it requires a nice business hotel for the business stay

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How To Choose The Right Hotel

Every business traveler agrees that the comfort of staying in a hotel determines the outcome of the trip. Getting the right hotel at the destination plays a pivotal role. Why? Well, the hotel becomes a ‘home away from home’ and an ‘office away from office’. Hence, it should be convenient, efficient, pleasant and comfortable. Even the small details can make a big difference! Here are important things that one should not miss out while choosing a right business hotel:
Location: Location, location, and the location is the old saying! Getting a hotel in a good location is vital. The closer it is to the visiting office, business purpose, and meeting location, the better. Being in a nice neighborhood also matters a lot. One will save time, and time is everything in today’s fast-paced business world
• Safety: Safety cannot be compromised. The hotel must be a branded chain or a boutique property of repute!
• Amenities: The internet is one of the finest innovations of humankind. The hotel must be fully equipped with Wi-Fi facilities to support all gadgets! Round-the-clock services to meet the demand of the business travelers including a good gym, pool, and a café are a must
Service: While clean premises are a must, what’s equally important will be attentive, responsive and polite staff. Only branded chains and properties of repute invest in well-trained staff so that demands of the business travelers are fully met

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