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Sleep is Important for Every Business Traveller

“Faster the vehicle, longer the braking distance”!  “Speedier the jet, longer the runway”. The same way, greater the goals, harder it is to accomplish. Tougher the tasks, greater the need for a good night sleep. Business travelers negotiate through schedules, routines, obstacles and demanding goals to attain success. It is hard. A good night’s sleep is a must for the next day, at the destination, especially after going through airports, taxis, journey, obstacles etc. Not sleeping well can play havoc with moods, health and instantly the next day’s productivity!

Possessing strong memory, creativity, and stress management skills are all integral part of running a good business. Besides improving body’s immunity, a good night sleep keeps one calm and composed. Getting proper sleep can provide business travelers clearer attention, direction, sharpness and being witty during interactions and conversations.  It takes better communications to conclude successful business deals.

For getting a good night’s rest, you should always get the best hotels! That’s why we’re here. get’s you guaranteed  reservations under 3 minutes  Reduce fatigue, stress without compromising on goals, productivity and success.

Loyalty Points : myOtel’s 1Global Loyalty Program

Who doesn’t love to get pampered? When business travelers spend a good portion of nights in hotel rooms being away from family and meeting tough expectations set by employers, customers, vendors, business partners etc..  It’s a tough and demanding work-life!  You need to be rewarded suitably! And there is no loyalty program that truly rewards customers properly and genuinely! That’s the main reason why we have introduced ‘1Global Loyalty Program‘.  What is it, you ask?  1Global is an added opportunity to help frequent business travelers realise the benefits of their demanding schedules, hard work and to satisfy their life styles. 1Global is revolutionizing the way loyalty points are viewed and used by its customers.

Here are some salient features of our Loyalty Program.

  • Designed to work globally
  • Every trip enables one to earn points
  • Easier ways to redeem points, no minimum threshold
  • Points earned never expire
  • Redemption matches to most of the lifestyle spends (details get mailed on 1st reservation!)

Vist myOtels , make the 1st reservation, and explore the unexplored!

Location of The Hotel: It’s Important!

Location! Location! Location! That’s the principle choice of a successful business traveler. Business travelers approach life with clinical precision. Being closer to the customer’s/vendor’s area, getting more time to prepare for business meetings, spending more time with the customer/vendor, keeping organization updated about outcomes;  are some of the tasks that are clinically followed. Sleeping well, having a healthy breakfast, spending less time on the road and being composed,  are some of the indirect benefits. Whereabouts do have a radical effect on time. Travelers for business  love to have everything in close proximity. Here are some of  the benefits of choosing the best-located hotels from us:

  • Transportation Connectivity
  • Safety assurance
  • Time for business
  • Time for lifestyle

Often, business travelers find some downtime to visit at least some of the popular attractions or do some shopping for the family and friends.

Visit myOtels and get a confirmed reservation in the finest business hotels next to the visiting business location under 3 minutes!  Guaranteed.

Index Price for Business Hotels

Business travellers do travel a lot and they would be delighted to get the best hotels at a fair price, right?   To make this tedious task easier,  myOtels has an “Index Price” for the customers.  Wondering what is it? An index price is a competitive price on hotels. It is evaluated on the basis of the real-time demand, supply and other hotel industry factors such like Quality, Safety, Location, Flexibility, Service etc.  Here are three major benefits to Index Pricing:

  • Customer Protection: Every time you browse through website, you find these prices which show an amount that is struck out and you’re apparently given a lower price. “The best deal”, they say. With our index price, the false strike-through rates  that mislead valuable customers like you, are removed. It comes with a thorough research of several factors, variables and is based on real-time supply and demand. Misled deals offered are mostly expensive than the original price, and such norms get disappeared.  By Index Price, there is no overpay for products and services, and all variations are removed.
  • Saves Time: We all know that time is money. As all required information is available in seconds, It’s easier to refer to and interpret. You don’t need to waste precious time in getting into detailed research and analysis. “Index Price” will serve as a benchmark, at all times, for any given town or city.
  • Trust : It is mathematically driven and statistically proven. There are no human biases or hidden deals in it. It assures travelers a sense of value and reliability based on thorough research and hard work. gives you the best business hotels in the visiting city and at an Index Price. We like to call it ‘myPrice’ and it always includes Complimentary Wi-Fi and Breakfast.  myPrice means value for money.  Happy and Safe Travelling!